Five Reasons , Recruiter missed to read your Job Application Mail

As I am a recruiter, I receive lot of e-mails every day for different positions that I am hiring. Few e-mails have got my attention and few e-mails go un-read. If yours is one among them you will never hear back from me about the opening.
Why don’t I read your E-mail?
Reason 1: Your subject line lacks clarity
Subject is very important to get the attention of the recruiter. See few bad examples of subject line in Job application e-mail.
Bad Example 1: Subject Line: Resume
If above example is your subject line then, ask the below questions to yourself before sending the email.
What resume is mine and why am I sending this to this recruiter?
If your subject line don’t have answer for your above question, then your subject will be wrong.
I will never get an attention to read it because I have 1000’s of e-mail like yours for just 1 or 2 positions. I need to find the talent as soon as possible. So the e-mail subject that attracts me would be which conveys a direct message to me and which is relevant to me. When I say direct message it should answer the above question.
Bad Example 2: Subject Line: Ramesh Resume
I have seen many emails coming to me stating their name in subject line. Do you think your name matters to me than your skills?
I don’t even know who you are then how do you expect me to open your email?
Tell the recruiter what does he want (Which you have) and not what do you want to show. In marketing, if you want to sell a product to a wrong customer who don’t even need that then it almost impossible but if you want to sell a product who needs it then it very easy. Apply the same logic here.
Bad Example 3: No Subject
The silly mistake that you can make on your job application email is sending an email without any subject. I have seen many emails coming without any subject. That means you never care whether the recruiter opens your resume. If you are very careless about that then how do you expect me to open your resume and read it?
To me, an email without subject means the sender has no objective and the sender is not expecting any result out of it.
Finally let’s see how we can write a subject that grabs the attention of a recruiter
See the example below,
“Application for Java Developer requirement (Job Code: 34526) Naukri/Dice Reference”
The above subject line answers the below questions,
Why do you send your resume to me?
For Which job you are applying?
Where did you find my job posting?
From a Recruiter point, The above Subject gives me the information that I want. It says this candidate is looking out for a Job and he is a Java Developer and he is willing to apply for the posting that I made in Job boards.
Reason 2: Salutation
Most E-mails come with a salutation like this “Dear Sir/Madam” though you might know the recruiter name.
When you address sir or madam, most of time I am not sure whom you are addressing to whether it is me or someone else. So I am again not interested since it is not addressed to me. I don’t feel it is personalized. It is very generic which least appeal to any recruiter.
Imagine you want to buy some product and there are two options. One is very generic which is targeted to everyone and other is personalized to your need. Which one you will go ahead with? Most cases it is second option. So the same concept applies in above condition.
So what can be best possible options to give the right salutation?
When you are applying for jobs you will send to recruiter’s official email id, right? Yes. So you can see their name in email id itself with the name mostly you can decide whether it is sir or madam but you have a risk there. For example, let’s take my case, my name is Maria Leslie and my email id has Maria in it so you decide it should be madam but unfortunately it is sir.
It will be embarrassing for the recruiter if you address him as madam instead of sir and vice versa. So what’s the best solution?
When you can find the name just use the name as salutation you can use either as Maria, or Dear Maria,
Reason 3: Unclear Message body
Most job seekers write just as “PFA or please find my resume attached”
If this is the message, then my question is why should I see your resume?
You need to write a small introduction about yourself which should not be more than 2 lines. And then you should say why I should think that you will be fit for the position and how you can help the organization by being in this position.
Finally “Call for action”
Every email should end with a call for action, what’s next? So you can write as below,
For further discussion please reach me out on this no +91-**********
If you follow the above method then your message body has clear structure as below,
Introduction (Who you are and why you are sending this email?).
Core Message (What are your skills and how it can help me?).
Closing (Call of action and what do you expect me to do next?).
Reason 4: Spelling Mistakes and short forms
Make sure before you hit on send button verify twice and do a spell check. Simple spelling mistakes completely turn the recruiter off.
You are sending a professional email you cannot afford to use any short forms. In most cases, short forms leads to mis-communication. So never use PFA or FYI or bcoz etc.
Reason 5: Sending a Generic email
I have received few emails where my email id is in BCC that means the same email is sent to many other recruiters like me and I never care to read those emails. If you are doing this then that means you don’t even take time and care to send an email to your prospective employer.
I have also received emails where they are too many email ids in the TO section.
Two more areas where you need to take care
Email Signature:
Make your signature professional. Make sure your signature have your name, phone number and email ID.
Missing Attachment
Job Seekers tend to forgot attaching their resume. Recruiter might not have time to send you another email asking for your resume. If in case you are into a niche skill then he does otherwise no. So be careful in this. You can attach your resume before writing the email. So that you never miss it.
If you are into niche skills the recruiter will try multiple times to reach you and get you in and but if you are into vanilla skill then he has many other choices available in the market.
More Niche skill then more number of calls from same Recruiter.
Not a Niche Skill then less number of calls from same recruiter.
Please Note: In this article, I have used “I” in many sentences. That refers to Recruiter’s and not just me.

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